About: Purpose

Our mission

There are people among us whose lives rarely intersect with ours and about whom we know little. We know nothing of their histories, their beliefs, their fears, their hopes or their dreams. The mission of B-Line Films is to seek them out, to record their voices, to explore their life and bring them to the awareness of the society at large.

In the process, we hope to enrich our own lives. This is what happened when we filmed On the Other Side.

That’s one of the great things about documentary filmmaking —you never really know where the process will take you. It’s not very often that you can see around the bend at how the experience will affect you as a person.

When we first started making On the Other Side , we were all a group of twenty-something, recent college graduates. After meeting on the sets of various production shoots as lowly assistants, frustrated at trying to get a start in “the business,” we all made the collective decision to start afresh, take the plunge of temporary unemployment and throw ourselves into doing our own project in the hopes of gaining REAL experience.

In the end what we gained was more than just experience. Not only did our journey entail living on a tobacco farm in rural Massachusetts for nearly eight months, off and on, but it also meant meeting some amazing people along the way. People who struck a contrasting chord in us every time we traveled back to the "urban" world and our real lives.

The attitudes and philosophies of the migrant workers we had the privilege to get to know have forever changed our own life outlook. We look up to them and are indebted to them, and hopefully their inspiration comes through in the film. Certainly we feel our own admiration and awe of them does.

What we learned from them that summer will assuredly translate into all our future films.