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To each his own

Fist, the latest documentary from B-Line films, chronicles a day in the life view of an amatuer “no holds barred” or “ultimate” fighter. The film provides a humanizing look at a sport often stereotyped as brutal. It adds new meaning to the mantra: to each his own.

In the ring

People have labeled Mixed Martial Arts or Ultimate Fighting as barbaric and brutal, some have compared the sport to the gladiators of the past. Many people have predisposed notions that these men are uneducated, heartless thrill seekers that have some kind of blood lust. Many think these men just like to make other people bleed.

Who are the ultimate fighters?

We discovered a very different story, we found that these men come from all walks of life. We have encountered police men, lawyers, computer scientist, that do not necessarily enjoy the fight but many enjoy the strategy and training involved to become a fighter.

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